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Last updated: October 31, 2020
Advance information:

The offer from Mega Media Games is free of charge and enables the games to be played for free.
There are no advertisements and no in-app purchases.
It’s a student project and it’s actually completely free.
I guarantee that as a game developer and creator.
Noah Frank – Founder Mega Media Games © 2020 Concept, idea implementation.
These Terms of Use will be changed from time to time and will inform you about and regulate this use of the games and / or websites of Mega Media Games.


Agreement to the terms of use:

Please read the following terms carefully before downloading, installing and using the video games.

This is an electronic agreement that regulates the legally binding conditions for the use of games published by Mega Media Games.

You must be at least 14 years old or have the legal authorization, under the supervision of your parents or legal representative, in order to be able to use the offer of Mega Media Games.

In all cases, the use of the games offered by Mega Media Games by minors is the responsibility of the parents or their legal representatives.

When you download a game, you need to consider the following:

Update of regulations

Mega Media Games reserves the right to change, adapt and update these terms of use at any time. Please therefore visit this page at regular intervals to be informed about changes, new regulations of the conditions and updates.



All games are intended for your personal, non-commercial use only. All unsolicited ideas, recommendations, suggestions, comments or other material that are marked as non-confidential may be used by Mega Media Games in any form, worldwide without restriction for any purpose, without any obligation to pay compensation or liability to the sender or third parties will.

Mega Media Games can terminate all games and websites at any time without any legal claim arising for ours.


All material published in the games, texts, stories, photos, videos, music, images, graphics, animations, audio, sounds, software data, are protected by copyright. ©

Health / User:

Mega Media Games recommends sensible use of the games with sensible time management.

Don’t play if you are tired, sickly, or haven’t slept enough.

Adjust the brightness of the screen according to your surroundings and protect your eyes from too bright light.

Keep a reasonable distance from the screen.

Mega Media Games recommends taking breaks of ten to fifteen minutes an hour during the game.

Attention epilepsy warning

Under certain circumstances, epileptic seizures can occur in some people due to high light stimuli, very rapid succession of images and effects as well as repetition of geometric patterns, flashes of light.

If you notice any effects, stop playing for the time being and talk to a doctor you trust about the symptoms.

Otherwise, you may be at risk of having a seizure.

Disclaimer of warranty:

All offers from Mega Media Games are free for you without any obligations for you.

With this agreement you acknowledge that the use of games, websites, downloads, with the device of your choice (mobile phone, PC, tablet or similar) is at your own risk. Any legal claim due to e.g. loss of data and / or damage to the computer system, cell phone is expressly excluded and use is entirely at your own risk. You acknowledge that Mega Media Games makes no guarantee that the games are secure, error-free or that they will meet your expectations. If you do not like the content of the games or do not agree to these terms and conditions, your sole and exclusive legal remedy is not to use the games / offers / websites. Mega Media Games does not guarantee that the games will function without errors or that they will meet expectations. As far as legally permissible, Mega Media Games rejects any guarantee. Mega Media Games can change, restrict or delete content and functions in any form without giving reasons.


You acknowledge that while you are using the games you are solely responsible for your behavior and gaming activities and that you Mega Media Games, and its partners, agents, representatives collectively the “harmless parties” harmless from and against any loss To hold damage, liability, costs or expenses of any kind (including all court and legal fees) that may arise for the indemnified parties in connection with claims or threatened claims arising out of the use of any game and / or the websites of the applicable Law or the rights of third parties and agree to this agreement without reservation.


Mega Media Games reserves the right to carry out maintenance measures, system upgrades, regular, planned or unplanned games and websites as well as to change, change, discontinue, interrupt or abandon games and websites at any time for any reason. Mega Media Games is not liable to you or any third party for the consequences of such termination, change, interruption or shutdown. You expressly agree to these conditions.

Mega Media Games does not tolerate hatred or discrimination of any kind.

Mega Media Games is multicultural and lived diversity in terms of descent, ethnicity, skin color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, impairments and origin.

Place of jurisdiction

You agree that the place of jurisdiction for these terms and conditions is Austria, subject to Austrian law and you consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of Austrian courts. These provisions, the rules and guidelines contained therein represent the sole, entire agreement between you as a user and Mega Media Games.

Mega Media Games is a project by Noah Frank – concept, idea, implementation, publication and is free for all users.

No legal transaction of any kind arises from it.

All rights © 2020 Noah Frank