Funny Bunny
April 4, 2021

Funny Bunny

After all, there is always something to discover somewhere in the worlds.

This is your chance to participate.

Jump and Run, the name says it all.

In this game you slip into the role of Funny Bunny, run and jump with him through a world full of coins and stars that have to be collected.

But be careful, it’s not that easy, because so many dangers make your life difficult.

In any case, Funny Bunny requires all your attention from you, because often things get down to business very quickly.

Control with WASD – run and jump to overcome all obstacles.

Maneuver yourself skillfully in the worlds and also explore the depths of the ocean for possible treasures.

But be on your guard, in the water waiting for you.

Also always pay attention to your air supply …!

If you are lucky you will also find an extra life or a valuable hidden gold star.

So what are you waiting for …?

Your adventure begins now …!

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