November 11, 2020

Monster Mash Story

From a safe distance you watch the Halloween Town cemetery where the most diverse monsters have already prepared for the monster run into the city.

Now you choose one of the monsters to run into town with.

But it’s not that easy at all, you quickly notice that the many obstacles on this path make your life really difficult.

Speed, tactics and a little luck are necessary to get ahead.

will you reach your destination … ?

For every section that you have completed you will receive one mileage point.

Every collected diamond pays you additional mileage points as a bonus.

In any case, you should also acquire the ability of the flying spell and the magical magnet function, which gives you advantages for a certain time.

How far do you get Which of you gets the highest score …?

Remember every meter counts!

… You have already noticed that you cannot slip into all the monsters right from the start …

You will find out the answer in the game.

So have fun playing according to my motto gameUp the future!

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