Santa Run
December 12, 2020

Santa Run Story

Santa Run: is a new and very fun Santa Runner game.

Santa Claus lost all of his Christmas presents during a too daring maneuver with his sleigh.

But somehow Santa Claus has to collect the presents again to distribute them to all the good children.

Time is running out so he decided to run and jump!
Look closely! with the Christmas socks that can be found along the way, Santa can jump very high and almost fly …

Many friends help him with the collection campaign.

Take a look at the North Pole for which character is waiting for their assignment.

The real fun is that it is not that easy to collect gifts in unusual surroundings. Lots of obstacles make life difficult and the game exciting.

Who of you believes in Santa Claus?

Hohoho …

I actually exist, take a look at the North Pole.

This game is all about fun.

You will love to play Santa Run again and again, sometimes in between, at school, at work and in the toilet, it is addicting!

You’ll also want to play with Santa Run again and again. What are you going to do when it gets really difficult?

Fun for everyone and not just children, there really is something for everyone in this game.

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