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January 29, 2021

The Next Projekt

The next project will be a Survival game:

As an indie game development studio, you face a lot of challenges every day…

As a gamer of a survival game, this is the same …

So the best conditions for losing everything or gaining a lot …

After the various small, simple games have been well received by you, I am now venturing into a very extensive project.

In life there are many areas in which you can improve your skills by trying out, learning and practicing, this also applies to my passion for game development, which is why I am willing to invest my work, my free time and my monthly financial resources and great commitment to realize my ideas and visions.

This first phase in the development of a video game is particularly important to me, as it is based on this work that a decision is made as to whether one or the other idea should be pursued in order to choose the right path.

Pre-production started in mid-2020.

The foundation for the development: – script – level design – the virtual surroundings – an exciting plot and varied missions – creating the virtual characters – the most diverse attack scenarios from aggressive NPCs. But above all there are a lot of possibilities to create your own character. The first tests were promising and successful.

Production phase:

the production phase was set to a time frame of 18 months.

Would you like to find out more information about the game in the closed alpha test phase?

Are you ready to risk your precious character’s life in the beta phase as a test player …?

Tell me what would appeal to you about this task and why you should be part of the test team …

So much has been revealed to you. As a test player you will receive a special status and some goodies when the game is released.

So use your chance to be a worthy opponent.

…. stay alive!

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